What font does Mac Terminal use

How to check what font the Mac Terminal uses? Actually, the answer depends on what theme your terminal is using. Generally, Mac Terminal uses Menlo, Courier, or Monaco font. But how can you know the exact answer?

1. Open the Preferences for Terminal

Open your Terminal and find Preferences from the right corner tab Terminal. Or just use shortcut “Command + ,” to open it.


2. Click Profiles tab

On the top tabs, change to the second one – Profiles – and you will see the theme you are using.


3. Check your Terminal theme and customize it

TheĀ current theme you are using has a default label underneath. If you want to choose another theme, just select it and click the Default Button on the bottom and you are good to go.

4. Check or change Terminal font

Almost forgot, you want to know what font your Terminal is currently using? Check the font section in the red circle. As you can see, theme Pro for your Terminal is using Monaco font and the font size is 10 pts. Too small? Just click the button on its right to change it!

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