How to install Axure on Mac

Here’s the deal:

Do you want to become a UX designer?

If you do. You will see many job descriptions on LinkedIn saying “Proficiency with modern design and prototyping tools (e.g. Axure).” What is this Axure and why it is so important for a UX designer?

Well, in short, Axure is a prototype software which can help designers build almost-real app and website with cool interactions. In another word, if you don’t know how to code and you want to show your friends some cool design you do, then Axure is definitely one of your choices.

Okay Let’s see how to install Axure on Mac:

1.Go to Axure Download Center

Once you open the link above, you will see a page like this:

Good! It means you are on the right page. Now you DON’T need to provide your email. You can right click purple button MAC to download Axure on your Mac.


2. Open Axure DMG file

Once you download successfully, you can find Axure.dmg file in your download folder. Don’t hesitate. Double-click it!


3. Drag and drop like the airline does

Double-click the icon and you will see the contents of this dmg file.

Here is the magic step:

Drag the purple RP icon and follow the arrow to move the purple Axure icon above the blue folder and then Release your mouse.


4. Time to enjoy the software

Now go to the Application folder on your mac and find Axure icon among all other icons.

There you go! Double click it and enjoy!

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